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Robot Senpai



Design - Rexxy

Hi! I'm Rexxy. I am a level 35 Boss and I live in your basement (so if anything has gone missing my bad.) I am the lead game designer for Cinnamon's Cooking Quest. I make, theorize and test all of the game mechanics. I also help make art assets, test for bugs, schedule work, do general problem solving and I drink a LOT of caffeine. I have wanted to make video games ever since I was five years old and played Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo. The next day I was making fan levels on paper for friends at school. Making this game is literally a dream come true and whatever comes out of it I am extremely honored to have this chance to work on a project I am insanely excited about!!! So where do you keep the chips


Programmer - Patashu

I am Patashu! Part time robot dragon, part time dabbler in a variety of nerdy pursuits, and programmer and musician for Robot Senpai Studios. I love solving analytical problems and working in abstract models and systems, expressing mastery through game genres like shmups/roguelikes/rhythm games and over the top music and other excessiveness. Working in Game Maker Studio 2 has been a great experience, and I look forward to a future of more game development!

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Art - Ranoa02

Hi, I’m Aaron, and I go by Ranoa02 on the Robot Senpai discord, and I’m the lead artist for Robot Senpai. I’m also the one doing website and a lot of the social media stuff! I’ve been a full time artist for only a few years, but have spent a lifetime working in doodles, paintings, and commissioned artwork for all kinds of different things. Careful, not all of it is appropriate for all audiences! It’s been super fun working with the other two on this project, and I look forward to working on many more projects as we continue! :D